Sponsorship Opportunities

The Woodway Family Center (WFC) provides 1 full-size basketball court, 2 smaller basketball courts, and 2 volleyball courts all in one gym. There is one party room that can be rented, for events, throughout the year. There are multiple playing fields on the WFC grounds, as well. Funds received through sponsorship go back into the Family Center for equipment and facility updates and improvement.

Center Sponsor

Sponsorship Level: $250

The Woodway Family Center will print one 3 x 6 banner, for each sponsor, which will be displayed in the WFC gym or on the playing fields. Sponsors will be given the opportunity to renew, or cancel, their sponsorship after 1 year.

Sponsors may have more than one banner, as separate sponsorships, for $250 each.

Team Sponsor

Sponsorship Level: $200

Team sponsors will get their business name printed on the shirts of the team whom they are sponsoring. They will, also, receive a "Thank You" sponsor plaque with a picture of the team. The WFC will provide pizza coupons to use towards an end of season party.

We thank you for your support of youth athletics! 

Additional Information

Contact the Woodway Family Center for more information regarding sponsorship opportunities.