The Woodway Family Center (WFC) philosophy for recreational team sports is to teach youth sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill development in a positive atmosphere. 

  1. Guidelines for Coaches
  2. Guidelines for Parents
  3. Volunteer Requirements

Principles to Abide by

  1. There are no team standings or league championships. Win and loss records are not kept or acknowledged by WFC staff. The kids are taught to play to the best of their abilities and have fun.
  2. The kids are the Number 1 priority. They come first and foremost. The youth programs are for them, not the coaches or the spectators.
  3. Abide by all recreational sports rules and WFC rule modifications. Play and coach within the spirit of the rules. Do not look for loopholes.
  4. Be respectful to our recreational sports staff official. If you have a question about a rule or the way that the game is being called, please talk to the WFC manager. Yelling, arguing, or being disruptive will result in a warning. If you receive a 2nd warning, you may be asked to leave the WFC until further notice.
  5. Never blame or express negative opinions about the officiating of games in front of kids at the WFC. If you have a question, please talk with a staff member after your game.
  6. Be a role model and set a good example at all times.
  7. Try to create a positive environment where kids want to play sports.
  8. Try to be positive in tough situations, not negative.
  9. Always motivate and encourage.
  10. Maintain order and discipline among your athletes at the WFC. Only athletes that have a release form with the Family Center and are on the team roster may participate in practices and games. You may not substitute players from other teams.
  11. You are responsible for the behavior of parents, who are spectators.
  12. You are responsible for all those that are assisting with the team and making sure that they have completed and passed a background check.
  13. Bad weather days: Coaches, please give out the rain out line phone number: 254-772-7571. Decisions are made by 3 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. on Saturdays. Get immediate notification of game cancellations sent to your phone through email or text message.

Additional Information for Coaches

You are a valuable part of the WFC program and we appreciate you. We expect you to help instill our philosophy of recreational team sports to the players and parents.

Coaches are asked to help secure a sponsor for his or her team. The cost for a sponsor is $200. This helps support our programs and our facility. If you are not able to find a sponsor, we may be able to help you. However, sponsors are not mandatory.

WFC jerseys may not be altered in any way by screen printing unless paid for by team sponsorship through the WFC. No other uniform requirements will be made by coaches that exceed the WFC requirements for game play.  Spandex is NOT allowed at WFC for youth or adult leagues.

Steps to Alleviate Behavior Issues

Should the behavior and/or attitude of a volunteer coach be contrary to the guidelines established by the WFC, one or more of the following steps may be taken to alleviate the situation:

  • The behavior will be brought to and discussed with the coach/volunteer. The coach will have an opportunity to offer his/her point of view.
  • The coach/volunteer may be requested to remedy the situation.
  • The coach/volunteer may be asked to withdraw from coaching in the program for the season and the registration fee will not be refunded.
  • The coach may be suspended from coaching any sport in the upcoming year.
  • Any criminal activity can lead to an indefinite suspension from the WFC.