Volunteer Firefighters

Volunteering in your community gives you the power to create the kind of community you want to live in. Each fall, the Public Safety Department recruits volunteers to participate in a firefighter academy. Volunteers become certified to assist paid public safety officers, who are cross-trained as police and firefighters, in the field by completing courses from A to rescue training.

Vital Role

Volunteer firefighters play a vital role in the shaping of our community and provide a valuable resource of civilian support during times of need. They participate in community service activities and educate our youngest residents on fire safety by visiting community elementary schools. Volunteer firefighters ultimately help create a vibrant civil society.


All Public Safety Officers and Reserve Officers participate in a minimum of 40 hours of in-service police training and 20 hours of in-service fire training. This is specialized annual training to ensure that each officer stays current in such subjects as:

  • Baton recertification
  • CPR
  • Driving practice
  • Fire training
  • Legal changes
  • New or improved techniques of performing their jobs
  • Policy changes
  • Qualifying with weapons

These trainings are required by law. All Public Safety Officers and Volunteer Fire Fighters meet for monthly drills to practice fire fighting and rescue skills.


The volunteer fire command personnel play an indispensable part in the development and retention of volunteer firefighters and are greatly valued by Public Safety staff. They have many duties including the recruitment of volunteer firefighters to maintain a strong volunteer base. Command personnel conducts the annual firefighter academy and other fire training throughout the year ensuring volunteers are well educated and capable in a fire emergency.

Command personnel also plan, organize, and conduct the Annual Barbecue Fundraiser to raise much-needed funds for the Fire Department to purchase equipment. They assist in fire equipment purchases and are involved in the Annual Disaster Drill coordinated by the Public Safety Department.

Fire Safety

The McLennan County Fire Departments received a valuable tool for teaching fire safety in the elementary schools in 1993. The Heart of Texas Builder’s Association built and donated a Fire Safety House and the Cooper Foundation donated a new towing vehicle to transport this Fire Safety House to schools for fire safety programs.

The Fire Safety House visited the Woodway Elementary and South Bosque Elementary schools recently. Before visiting the house, students are given a fire safety presentation, where they are taught about the dangers of smoke and fire. A total of 700 students and their teachers made their way through the smoke-filled house.

Disaster Drill

The employees of the City of Woodway, the Public Safety Department, and Volunteer Firefighters participate in a mock disaster drill each year. Past disaster drills have covered:

  • Flooding
  • A hazardous materials accident
  • A hostage situation
  • Multiple injury accidents at the Middle School
  • A school bus rollover
  • A series of fires
  • Tornados

For more information about becoming a Volunteer Firefighter please email Assistant Chief Larry Adams, or call him at 254-772-4470.