Water Leak / Sewer Information

What to Do if You Have a Water Leak

I have a water leak! If you think you have a water leak, it is important that you call Customer Services at 254-772-4480. We may be able to help you with your water bill if you have a leak and it is repaired. To qualify, your consumption during the leak period must be over 15,000 gallons.

Request for an Adjustment

Fill out a Request for Water Rate Adjustment (PDF). Provide a receipt for your repair. Your request will take approximately two weeks to process once it has been submitted to Customer Service. 

During this process, the meter reader will check your meter to make sure your leak has been repaired. We then calculate your adjustment, if applicable. (for more specifics, please read the policy of water use which is part of the Request for Water Rate Adjustment Form.) Once your request has been processed, you will be notified by mail.

If your water leak was during the months used to calculate your averaging sewer rate, you may also request a sewer rate adjustment by completing the Request for Sewer Rate Adjustment (PDF).

Sewer Rate Calculation

Sewer rates are calculated on the average water consumption billed on your February and March water billings. The February billing includes part of January’s consumption and part of February’s consumption. The March billing includes the remainder of February’s consumption and part of March’s consumption. This average consumption will be used to calculate your monthly sewer rate for a year beginning in April and ending in March.

This method is used to get a fair estimate of what is normally going into the sewer system since most people are not using water outdoors during this period.

Current Rates

Base Rate

  • Commercial – $23 (plus $2.25 per thousand gallons consumption)
  • Residential – $19


  • February bill consumption is 6,500 gallons
  • March bill consumption is 7,500 gallons
  1. Add the 2 months together to get 14,000 gallons divided by 2 to get 7,000 gallons
  2. Divide the 7,000 gallons by 1,000 to get 7
  3. Multiply by $2.25 to get $15.75
  4. Add the base rate ($19 for residential or $23 for commercial) to the $15.75
  5. This is your sewer rate
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