Woodway Permit Requirements

For a complete list of the City of Woodway Permit Fees Schedule, please see the Master Fee Schedule (PDF).**

**05/30/19 - Per House Bill 852, permitting entities are no longer allowed to use valuation (either of property or construction) in determining residential permit fees, and you are no longer required to disclose this information, effective immediately. The City of Woodway has temporarily instituted a minimum-fee policy for applicable permits, until such time as a new fee schedule can be written and approved by our City Council. Please note that, until further notice, these fees will be assessed as follows:

  • Residential building remodel - $75.00
  • Residential trade (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas) remodel/repair - $75.00
  • Residential wind energy systems - $125.00
  • Please note that this fee substitution does not affect NEW residential building or trade construction, or those flat fees which were already separate (water heaters, yard lines, gas tests) in any way. It affects only those residential fees which were based on valuation.

For More Information

We strongly encourage home maintenance, so please let us assist you by answering any questions you may have on permit requirements. Please call the Inspections Department at 254-772-4050 for more information.

Permit Information

  1. Required Permits
  2. Application Requirements
  3. Inspection Requirements

The City of Woodway requires permits for:

  • Adult day care facilities
  • All concrete work such as drives, sidewalks, porches, patios, etc.
  • All plumbing work, which is covered by Standard Plumbing Code, other than regular maintenance
  • All signs
  • Any establishment selling beer, wine, or liquor for on-premises consumption
  • Demolitions
  • Garage Sales
  • Greenhouses and nurseries not primarily engaged in retail trade
  • Heliports
  • Home occupations
    • Daycare 
    • Nursery
    • Play, special, and other private schools
    • Prekindergarten
  • House moving
  • Installation of lawn sprinklers, swimming pools
  • New construction and additions, accessory buildings, remodeling and alteration of existing structures, including patio covers and storage buildings
  • Repair, recover or reroof of existing structures
  • Television and radio broadcasting towers
  • Work on heating and air conditioning equipment, which is regulated by the code, other than regular maintenance
  • Work which involves electrical wiring and equipment, which is covered by the National Electric Code, other than regular maintenance