Schedule of Fines and Payment Options

CDL holders are not eligible for a Driver Safety Course or deferral.

(Number of miles over speed limit)

1 – 9 $150.00
10 – 14 $175.00
15 – 19 $186.00
20 – 24 $225.00
25 – 29 $255.00
30 – UP $299.00

(Number of miles over speed limit)

1 – 9 $175.00
10 – 14 $200.00
15 – 19 $215.00
20 – 24 $250.00
25 – 29 $280.00
30 – UP $325.00

If violation listed below occurred in school zone add $25.00 to amount below.

No Driver’s License $147.00


Violate Driver’s License Restriction $126.00
Expired Driver’s License $136.00
#Expired Vehicle Registration $113.00


#Charge maybe dismissed if defendant remedies this defect and shows written proof to the Court within 20 working days after the offense or before the defendant’s first court appearnace, whichever is later.  Inform theTax Assessor’s Office a citation was received.  There is a penalty fee that is required to be paid in order for the Court to dismiss this charge.  An administrative fee of $20.00 must accompany proof. 


Disregard Stop Sign $155.00
Use of Wireless Device in a School Zone
(applies only when school zone is active)
Driving While License Invalid $256.00
Disregard Red Light $155.00
Wrong Way on One Way Street $132.00
Driver/Passenger Unrestrained by Seat Belt $149.00
Unrestrained Child (1st Offense) $224.00
*Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility $377.00

*Charge will be dismissed upon presentation of evidence from the insurance company that insurance was in effect on the date Citation was issued.  In the event you did not have insurance at the time the Citation but you obtain insurance prior to coming to Court, the Judge will reduce the fine and court costs to $200.


Cash, credit card (visa, mastercard, discover), check, or money orders are accepted at the Woodway Municipal Court.  Please make them payable to Woodway Municipal Court.

To make a payment by phone with your credit card, contact the Court at (254) 772-4489.

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