What is included in my rental?

  • Lighting and air conditioning / heating
  • Restrooms
  • Indoor tables and chairs
  • Set up and break down of tables and chairs
  • Hand towels, soap and toilet paper
  • Ice maker

Additional fee-based services

  • Presence of a Public Safety Officer or building attendant (required) for after hours events.
  • Drink service consisting of bottled water and a variety of soda.  See office staff for prices   Free cups and ice. (optional)
  • Coffee service with either caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee.  See office staff for prices.  Each urn holds six pots of coffee.  Cups, creamer, and sugar are provided free of charge. (optional)

What do I need to provide?

  • Food service, glassware, silverware, flatware, and any other kitchen supplies
  • Table cloths or other type of linens
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Any other equipment or furniture is not provided by Arboretum
  • Accessories and decorations for inside Whitehall Center, The Pavilion and/or the Gazebo
  • We recommend that you post an usher at the front gate and/or the bridge if you are having a gazebo wedding so as to deter any uninvited guests.  The Arboretum will have signs available for you to put out stating that there is a private function.  However, since there is no gate monitor or ticket booth, we cannot guarantee that there will be no other visitors to the Arboretum during your wedding.  Having an usher in place will help ensure that your special day does not have any unwanted interruptions.
  • Removal of all trash from Whitehall Center, The Pavilion, the Gazebo, the parking lot, and any other portion of the Arboretum grounds that is used for your event.
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